Friday, January 23, 2009

How boring is my blog?

I haven't really stopped and made time to blog a lot lately. It's been a wild month around our house. We've had a lot of not so fun things happen to us lately and that's no fun to read about plus, with all the yucky things, my times been taken other places. I hope that you all are having a nicer month than we are. I do have a funny family quote to share to brighten your day however. Behold,

At a Family Home Evening we shared a story with E about how we'd lost a check once and prayed to our Heavenly Father to help us find it because it was an important check. We shared that we were able to find it with His help and I told her that she could pray too and that He would help her also.

Later on in the evening, E and A were playing in E's room and E's looking for a book in her cupboard that has books and shoes in it. I'm in the other room just sort of hanging out and all the sudden I hear her say something similiar to this:

Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, thank you for my purple sandal, please help me to find my purple sandal and if you have it... I'd like it back.

I had to muffle the laughter that protruded out of my mouth when I heard it because it was so innocent and sweet that I didn't want her think it was wrong to ask. Kids are so cute sometimes!

Hopefully January will start to look up from here. Have a good one!

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