Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday's Totally Useful Information

Today's totally useful information: Gas and Gagging

Let's face it, we all get gas and we all gag once in a while. A friend of mine in our old condominiums area used to gag all the time when she was pregnant and she found this little trick that helped her not lose it nearly as much. She found that if, when she was gagging, she would put her index finger in between her two clavicle bones and pressed down against her throat, it would stop the gag reflex and she wouldn't end up throwing up. Next time you're feeling queasy and may just lose it, try this and it might help you.
Now, onto gas. It sucks when your in pain from it and this same girl who taught me the non-gag reflex thing, also taught me that you can massage it to make it move. I know this isn't the prettiest of subjects but it might help people if they know about it. She is a massage therapist and her son used to get gas pretty bad and she found that if she massaged it downward, it would help him feel better.

So, there you go, I hope that this helps someone out in a time of being uncomfortable.

Happy TTUI!

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