Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall Day!

Even though I'm super sorry to see summer go, I'm enjoying the thought of the smell of warm cider and harvest home that will soon permeate our home with our Welcome Home Aroma scents that we got over the weekend. Fall is nice, for the most part. I'm a spring kind of gal and summer's got it's hooks deep in me too. Summer brings flip-flops and sandals and the feel of the cooler air pushing through the hallway from the swamp cooler. I enjoy the freedom of the spring and summer to leave the back door open most days and let the sunlight and breezes come through and the warm nights and cool mornings of summer. The skies in the summer are amazing also. I love being outside and able to do picnics and swing on the swings and play in the parks with my girls.

Nonetheless, I do enjoy the changes that come with fall. I like the pretty colors of fall and the anticipation of baking pies and smelling apple cinnamon candles and sipping warm soup and eating yummy thick bread. I don't know what it is about fall but I always feel like I need to break out the crafting supplies and craft up some wonderful confection; it's like clockwork, every fall.

I like the changing of the season also because I get to break out the fall sweaters and long jeans that I haven't worn for a while. The chill in the air is just so crisp and refreshing after a hot summer. I love still being able to be outside a bit also in the fall and the best part? Halloween. I'll always love Halloween! So, here's to hoping for nice fall temp.'s and lovely fall colors staying for a while and to an awesome Halloween! Happy fall y'all!

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