Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm so freakin emotional today

So, I've read two things today that have totally blown my mind and made me want to share them. I'm coming down off my steriod high and my emotions are all over the place. Michelle, you think you have it bad being pregnant and all. I wanted to share them because I think one is an incredibly good reminder and the other is both well worth the time to read and just plain amazing. I've tried to copy and paste things but the story is too large so, I might just have to have you navigate to the story on the Today Show's website,, yourself. It's titled The baby that was born twice. READ IT! Seriously. That article was just a testimony builder to me that the power of the holy ghost is still directing men in how to do stuff like that. Who would've thunk it? Except for the writers on Grey's Anatomy? :)
The other thing I read that I'd like to share is on Amy's blog (Listed in my family and friends blog area). She wrote about her experience in having a "glitch" in her computer and also a scary toddler moment that are both very wonderful reminders to everyone. You need to read that as well. Sorry I don't know how to do the linking thing. It's something I'd like someone to teach me how to do. What? You think I need to read about it and figure it out myself? As if.

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