Friday, March 14, 2008

It's on!!

So recently, I went to my kidney doctor and through a mistake made on my part, I was only taking 1/3 of the steriods that he originally wanted me to be on. This made me mad because of all the stupid side effects that come along with the steriods. More steriods, more side-effects. Anyway, so now I'm on a higher dose of the stupid drug and I've gained a couple lb.s and now I'm pissed. So, it's on! I've found my much needed motivation to lose a pound a week for 13-14 weeks. Let's see, starting next Tuesday, 13 weeks from then will be June 17th. So here I go. I'm sick of not being where I know I can be, weight-wise. Any ideas of what my reward, besides feeling and looking better, should be?

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kate said...

hi julie! remember me? sorry to hear you've been sick, and i wish you luck with your goal! i am seeking addresses for leah wood's wedding shower, would you mind emailing me with yours? thanks so much!