Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's been happening...

So, it's been a while. I guess I should write about Thanksgiving and all that went on. We had a very fun long weekend over the break and we ran into some luck along the way as well. Thanksgiving was great we ate the big meal up to my p arents house and then chit chatted and then we headed down to play games with the Cowles family at the Brady's house which was a lot of fun by the way for all those who decided to ditch us. hu hum... anyway then Jason and Kent decided to stand outside all night long at Circuit City, because Best buy's line was already at least 150 deep by 8:30 that night. Circuit City's line was not nearly as long. So, I dropped him off in the freezing weather and then Kent met up with him later. They had a good time freezing their rear ends off but when it came down to brass tax, the people who were handing out the tickets for the laptops ( the whole reason for standing in line all night long) only had one ticket left for the certain type of laptop that Jason was in line for. Luckily, Kent wasn't in line for himself he was getting a couple of things for friends and family so he wasn't too disappointed but then luck threw us a bone and the guy found one more ticket for the much desired laptop. So, all night from 8:30 PM Thanksgiving night to 5 AM Black Friday morning, for the very last two laptops! Luck was on our side. So, now I get to sit in bed and type this stuff rather than in our basement with the heater on my feet. :) We went to the Jazz game Friday night and had a night without the girls. It was a fun game and lots of fun to be without the girls - thanks mom!- and we were finally able to sleep in Saturday morning because the girls stayed at my moms overnight. 10 AM thank-you-very-much! SOOO Nice!! We were sooo in need of that!! We put up our Christmas decorations and went to the Ogden Christmas Parade that day. Lots of fun things!! Overall, I think I gained about 2-3 lbs. from such a fun weekend. It's a good thing 4 day weekend's don't come around that often. Anyone else out there have luck on Black Friday?

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