Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween 2007! (Turn your speakers up!)

Yay! Halloween! Yay! Dead Man's Party! Wahoo!!

I know it's a little later than it could have been but ..Whatever.. Here they are! In the photo album, you'll see the following characters:

Ducky- Allie W. Princess - Brynnley B. Strawberry Shortcake-Ellyse W.

Pirate - Staley B. Goofy- Boston B. A Blind Ref - Carson B.

Bischoff's and Wood's got together last Sunday up to the Egan's house to dress up and play and take in Halloween fun. We ate and played some games and visited. Lot's of fun! Wednesday, we took the girls around and trick or treated around the neighborhood a little and then went down to the Wood's for dinner in a pumpkin and a little more trick or treating and the annual revealing of Brent's costume. This is a yearly event that we have all come to look very forward too. He's one creative man. This year he chose Hellboy, funny, I chose to be the Devil so, I got to push him around a little that night. Jason chose to be Elvis at work and the Crow that evening. Ellyse was Strawberry Shortcake and Allie was a little ducky. They both did outstanding! We also visited some very special friends along the way that night. We love to see them! Shout out to Burnett's, Tolman's, and the Sommer's! What a fun evening.

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