Friday, October 12, 2007


So, I've been holding off writing in here because I don't have pictures available to download right now and I like my blogs better when there's a visual. I've always been and still am a visual learner. Plus, I have this outstandingly stylish shoe that I get to dawn everywhere I go, now that I hurt the ball of my foot. I'm dying to let you see it, just to get you jealous. I got it specially ordered from the instacare place in Roy last Sunday when my foot swole up and I was afraid that I'd broke it. It's so cute, it matches EVERYTHING let me tell you. :)

Ellyse has a UTI - a severe one according to her doctor- and needs to be seen by her surgeon asap. YIKES! Daddy's taking her down there right now to follow up and I'm really scared that the surgery didn't take or something. I'll have to keep you updated.

Allie is eating and LOVING cereal. You should have seen her eat today, it was so cute! It was as if I couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough! She'd start sucking on her fist if I didn't present the food fast enough. Such a welcome break from Ellyse's eating habits, or lack thereof. Allie likas da food. Hooray!

Jason is tired. nuf said. Poor kid.

Glad it's Friday!!

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