Friday, August 3, 2007

Remember Banana clips?

Ta da! The banana clip!

So, today I was doing my oldie but holy crap kills me, workout video, yes, VHS is still alive and well in my household, and I noticed one of the girls wearing an old banana clip in her hair and it sparked my memories of a banana clip experience I had as an elementary age child.... My sister, who was ALWAYS and still is always on the fashion frontline, having some banana clips, like the pink and blue ones in the above pic, and I think I either stole it from her, had my own somehow, or wore hers with permission. Anyway, I had received access to use one one day and I remember how totally radical I felt my thick brown and permed hair looked in it on the Valley Elementary schoolgrounds. I remember walking around thinking I was the "it" thing at Valley Elementary and I thought anyone and everyone that saw how beautiful it looked in my hair would kill over in utter jealousy. Okay, so I was vain and still am but, I absolutely loved the way it made my hair look in the back. See the above image of the blonde. :) But, as junior high rolled around, the banana clip was quickly on it's way out and because I was at a tender age, I wasn't about to wear something like THAT again. (in public anyway) Aw, the good old days. I still, deep down in my heart, wish for the banana clip to make a major comeback.... I still think it would make my hair look just as good as it did in the sixth grade, heck, my mom probably still has those old pink and blues ones. I wouldn't even have to go buy new ones :)

For those of you who'd like to attempt the oldie, but holy crap kills me, workout video, it's The Firm's VHS version of their time crunch workout. Use weights, and beware of sore muscles the next day!

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