Friday, August 31, 2007

Grand Teton Vacation

We just returned home from a vacation to the Grand Teton National Forest and parts of Yellowstone. Now, a while back to ask me to go to the Teton's I would've said, we've been there, done that, let's move on to something we haven't seen lately. But this trip we found a secluded picnic area overlooking Jackson Lake and it had the Teton's as a backdrop and man, it was breathtaking! The picture is one that I got off the internet but the real thing looked pretty similiar to this without the fall colors. I could've stayed there for hours and hours and hours just looking at it. We ate a few meals at this picnic area and Ellyse got a personal boat tour out to what we deemed "Lesee Island" by her grandpa Brent. They were in a blow up boat with oars used to propel it and the wind kicked up and honestly, I got a little scared. Diane, Lance, Michelle, Jason, Allie, and I were all up on shore playing a rousing game of Shanghi Rummy and as the wind picked up, it prevented us from playing because the cards kept flying everywhere so, we stopped and we noticed how far out gpa and Lesee were. I started to worry and so did gma. After about an hour, they finally made it back to us safe, and according to gpa B, it really wasn't that bad when you were out there and Lesee kept egging him on to go to the island and not turn around. So, obviously, they had fun, we just had a better vantage point to seeing the dangers that were lying ahead for them. It all turned out fine and that's what matters most.

The trip itself was good. Had a few moments where I wanted to chuck our kids out the window and let the wildlife find them but, for the most part really good. :)


kent said...

Are you kidding? If I were traveling through a storm I'd rather be in that boat than any other. Brent's a machine. The storm didn't stand a chance!

Darby said...

I love when parents make comments like that about their kids. Since I don't have any yet, I can't say that, but I will say that whining kids are a no go in my book. Glad you had fun.