Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Funny little girl, Ellyse

One Sunday before church, my parents stopped at our house and dropped some things off. Ellyse was dressed for church but didn't have any underwear on. We had just barely made diapers forbidden and hadn't bought underwear yet so, she went commando for a few days.... less laundry. When my parents picked her up to hug and kiss her goodbye they both mentioned to her that she had a bare bottom. Later, Ellyse and I were in the kitchen and all the sudden she layed down on her back, lunged her legs in the air and looked "down there" and said..."there's a bear in there?" I was rolling.

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Darby said...

I love that she went commando for a couple of days. Don't let Haylie know, she'll want to hang out with Ellyse where they're both going commando.